How To Set Up SEO For Your Website | Wix Website SEO Tips Part 2

How To Set Up SEO For Your Website | Wix Website SEO Tips Part 2

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In this video I am going to be speaking about how to set up SEO for your website. This is a part 2 video to the wix website seo video that I recently published and you can find that video here:

I wanted to cover a few really important aspects to search engine optimization for wix website users that I didn’t get to cover in the first video. These include things such as the following:

Long tail keywords
These are long phrases that are easier and less competitive to rank for in search results. You can optimize your wix website for google and yahoo but if you are going after keywords that are too expensive, you will struggle to compete for the first page.

If you are serious about generating high quality backlinks to your website, you will have to seriously think about your banklinking strategy. The worst thing you could do is pay for backlinks as Google will eventually catch you out and will hurt your rankings in the future.

Social sharing:
It is important to try and get your content shared as much as possible on social media. Try to create a buzz for your content and this will also help you to optimize your wix website for google.

If you want to make your wix website appear in google, all of these things are important and should be part of your total marketing strategy.

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