How To SEO, Easy SEO Tips

How To SEO, Easy SEO Tips

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How to SEO and easy SEO tips from Dr. FrankenSEO. Luv you all.X0X0 Renae.

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  • Bocist Reply

    Gr8 advice. Have to admit that Dr FrankinSEO lady kinds of grows on you…
    must be the hair

  • Tricia Salmon Reply

    How can you hate sprinkles??? They are so cheerful! And if you live near
    Philly like me….you can the chocolate ones, Jimmies!

  • Tricia Salmon Reply

    Sorry…CALL the chocolate ones, Jimmies

  • Tricia Salmon Reply

    And tell Dr. Frankenstein-SEO that the basics are really helpful to those
    of us just starting out.

  • Tom Cote Reply

    sprinkles are gross….so are shots and jimmies…

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Lol. Dr. FrankenSEO has become part of me too … wait …

  • Renae Christine Reply

    I HATE jimmies and sprinkles and ALL those things. To me they RUIN desserts.

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Nice. I’ll tell Dr. FrankenSEO that you need more basics. :)

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Yup. I TOTALLY agree. They ruin everything including cake ice cream.

  • Melissa Perez Reply

    But cheez whiz doesn’t right?! I think I’ll have to try this!

  • Diego Uriarte Reply

    <3 her videos. Quick and to the point. Seo tips for newbies like me.#seo 

  • Willow Star Reply

    How did I miss long tailed(?) keywords?? I must click! And I’m with you &
    tom….sprinkles gross & intrusive little lumpy bits that, if anything,
    only work in theory. Even that’s sketchy lol

  • Renae Christine Reply


  • Renae Christine Reply

    ROFL @ intrusive little lumpy bits that only work in theory!!! I want to
    knit that on a pillow.

  • Lisa Cash Hanson Reply


  • Adam Duckworth Reply

    Thanks for this… SEO, honestly, scares me. haha

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Lol. Me too!

  • Internal Arts Mind Reply

    ..informative and entertaining video….how many personalities do you have?
    :)…… are doing a great job…..

  • Renae Christine Reply

    :) Right now I have 3 characters. Soon I’ll have 4 on my 365th episode. :)

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