How to Sell Your Music on iTunes

How to Sell Your Music on iTunes

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If you’re an unsigned musician, selling your music on iTunes might seem daunting. It’s actually very easy!

Step 1: Get your music ready
Make sure your music is ready for public consumption. Don’t forget cover art and any liner notes you want to include.

Step 2: Get a UPC barcode
Get a UPC barcode from a CD duplication company or online music distributor. Type “UPC code iTunes Store” into a search engine to find some options, which range in price from to .

Read online reviews and ratings before you choose a UPC code vendor.

Step 3: Find a distributor
Find a distributor. To ensure you pick a legitimate company, look through several reviews of the company on various web sites. The distributor receives a percentage of every sale you make.

Step 4: Protect your rights
Protect your rights. Maintain ownership of your music by carefully reading all contracts to ensure you are only giving the company the right to distribute your music. If a contract has language about giving the distributor rights to your work, find another company.

Expect to pay a one-time sign-up fee, which sometimes includes a UPC code, plus a maintenance fee of about per song and per album to keep your listings current.

Step 5: Send your distributor your CD
Send in your CD or digital files to the distributor you have chosen.

If you mail a physical CD to your distributor, make sure it’s packaged exactly how you want it to be sold, including jewel case, cover art, booklet, CD art, and liner notes.

Step 6: Check iTunes for your music
Your music should automatically be placed in the iTunes Store within a few weeks. If you do not find it there, notify your distributor.

Step 7: Renew your distribution deal
Most distribution deals are only good for one year. To avoid having your music removed from iTunes and other online retailers, make sure you keep your account up to date.

Step 8: Promote your music
Just because your music is now available on iTunes doesn’t mean it will be a best-seller. It’s still up to you to promote your sound!

Did You Know?
One independent distributor has paid more than 5 million to artists since it was founded in 1997.

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