How To See Tags Of Any Youtube Videos – Youtube Video Seo Tips [ Find Tags ] ? ✅

How To See Tags Of Any Youtube Videos – Youtube Video Seo Tips [ Find Tags ] ? ✅

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How To Find Tags Of Any Youtube Videos

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If you want to rank your videos on youtube or in any search engines like google if you have Properly Tag Your YouTube Videos
why ?
because youtube use this tags to know what’s your video at all about
and to display your video in the suggested videos
for the related content
and maybe you don’t know how to
so in this video i will show you how to find any youtube videos tags using two free ways
1 – using source code:
right click on the video page
click view page source code
presse ctrl+F
write “keywords”
and voila

2 – using TubeBuddy extension
TubeBuddy extension help you to manage your youtube channel

By ranking your videos on youtube you will get more views
and by geting more views you will get more subscribers and more money and by getting more subscriber your next videos will rank better and fast
note if you have more subscribers doesn’t mean more money
more views = more money
but subscribers can help rank your youtube videos bette

in this video i get the tags from this video:
How To Find the Tags of Any YouTube Video [Creators Tip #125]

By Tim Schmoyer From

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