How to Market Like a Maniac: Revolutionary Real Estate Marketing w/Barry Coziahr

How to Market Like a Maniac: Revolutionary Real Estate Marketing w/Barry Coziahr

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Many agents are insecure when it comes to marketing their properties online. How can we work towards developing a balance between old school and contemporary digital marketing? Does it need to cost thousands of dollars to have a good marketing strategy? Why should we write our property descriptions more like our dating profiles? We sit down with marketing guru Barry Coziahr to bust some popular myths about successful business marketing.
Takeaways + Tactics

When it comes to real estate marketing, think outside of the box. Don’t just show people what they can see on Google Street View.

Look at other industries and see what strategies they’re using to attract clients.

Write the descriptions of your homes as if you’re writing them a dating profile. They need a personality, not just soulless facts.

If you know how to use the right tools properly, marketing won’t necessarily cost you thousands.

We started off this episode with Barry’s background in marketing and the unique model PostcardMania has developed with its clients and growing businesses. Barry also had a few thoughts on how classic direct marketing can now be reinterpreted for the digital age. Gene Volpe then shared his tip of the week, which was to observe marketing strategies by big successful companies like Disney and the techniques they use to influence their audience’s perception and trigger nostalgic feelings. Barry agreed that this is an effective method and we talked about how an equivalent of this can be applied with postcards and with any other marketing strategy online. We then discussed the importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to real estate marketing. Gene pointed out, and we agreed that success lies in building a marketing plan for every property you manage. Finally, Barry talked about what makes a good, effective website and how public speaking can help develop your attitude, not just towards marketing but also real estate in general.

We also discussed;

The benefits of Direct Mail 2.0
The importance of visual communication
What makes a good Call to Action
How good local knowledge can benefit an agent
Creating low-cost, consistent marketing plans
The right way to budget for real estate marketing
Even if you’re the greatest real estate agent in the world, no one will know unless you market yourself property. Good, reliable real estate marketing is all about giving your properties a personality and not just a bullet list of statistics. Consider what’s unique about that property and about the channels on which to present it. Learn how to use all the tools available to you – like Facebook Live, which is booming in popularity at the moment. Some of the best social media strategies can be either free or remarkably cheap, so no need to splash out on expensive marketing either. Thinking outside the box is way more valuable than money and can bring you a lot more success, too. Don’t forget to look at other big names in other businesses and see what they do to attract their customers. Once you fine-tune your marketing to your audience and understand how to engage their attention in an instant, then your success is as good as guaranteed.
Barry Coziahr is a marketing assistant with 15 years of marketing experience, based in Clearwater, FL. As PostcardMania’s National Speaker and Marketing Specialist, Barry is a sought-after speaker, educator and marketing consultant, specializing in small businesses. He is also the host of Real Live Marketing, ranked as a new and notable podcast by iTunes in 2014. Barry has trained and consulted more than 10,000 small business owners and delivered over 1,000 seminars all over the United States. His presentations demonstrate proven marketing tactics using real-world examples and case studies to help small businesses and nonprofits market themselves successfully. Find out more about Barry at

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