How to make your website mobile friendly by speeding up the loading time

How to make your website mobile friendly by speeding up the loading time

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How to make your website mobile friendly by speeding up the loading time

0:28 Why should you care about mobile website load time?
1:14 Ideal load time for a mobile website
2:09 What causes slow loading time?
3:15 Result of slow loading mobile website
3:43 What difference would it make to your business if you had a mobile only site?

How fast does your desktop website load? how fast does your mobile website load?

Do you know?

And how many extra sales could you be gaining or losing every single day? this is not reviewed.

Hi my name is Andrew R Edwards and I’m an integrated digital marketing strategist.

So why should you care about this subject?

An average of 30% of visits to business website are coming from smartphones now it could be 40%, it could be 50% it could be 20 but that’s a an average.

Everything that I’m talking about here comes from Google research so check your Google Analytics data and you will be surprised.

We can help you find the information maybe you already have a mobile website, may you’re happy with it.

But in this video I’m gonna reveal a big loophole in your mobile marketing.

Potentially probably your business is losing thousands of dollars potentially

If you are considering building a website this tip will actually help you

Stop wasting money and get the highest return on investment that you can imagine.

So what is the ideal load time of a mobile website?

It should only be 1 second or less and that’s Google’s research again.

But today coming from Google research again that 7 seconds is the average page loading time on a mobile for a typical mobile website.

So yes speed is one of the most critical features on a smartphone.

And researchers proven mobile users avoid slow sites

And most importantly a recent survey said an average 7% of sales are lost for
every extra second a website take to load, that’s huge and you need to take that seriously.

A 1 second additional delay after the first second will cost you a 9.4 % decrease in page views
and 8.3 % increase in bounce rate which means they don’t click on any link, they just leave.

Slow loading time is not because of a slow internet speed, generally speaking mobile broadband speed is growing rapidly and the problem is very likely to be a poor design of the website.

Now this is not a criticism of your existing developer they just don’t think about it from a
conversion perspective automatically.

If your mobile website has not been checked for loading time speed and if the above the fold content in the site is not visible to visitors within one second or less then you have a serious problem which is extremely likely to be negatively affecting your sales so this is the after the first second loading.

And yes there are web developers who know what they’re doing but the vast majority, as far as this subject is concerned, don’t.and we prove that every day that we review websites.

So designing for mobile is not the same as designing for desktop.

Desktop website designing companies follow the same design techniques and principles for mobile sites that’s just completely not how you need to do it.

The result is a very slow loading time, frustrated visitors and lost leads and sales opportunities daily.

Now you could go back to a developer who’ve created the site and ask them to fix it that’s your choice.

I think you would agree a company needs a more proactive approach with maximizing your profit opportunity knowing a problem exist is only half the solution.

Having years of experience in optimizing issues like this is where sales increases can be extraordinary.

So what difference would it make to your business if you had a mobile only site? and if you
do have one? how fast would it load? and how many sales could you make? what income are you missing out on right by not having a mobile website?

What I talk about in this video conservative figures we are talking thousands and thousands dollars potentially a year that you could gain or you could well be losing every single day.

So what are you waiting for?

Because I’m thinking what could we uncover with your website if we were to perform a full diagnostic assessment to see what we could really do for your business.

Get in contact with our office today to apply for a free review of your loading time and website this is about making your phone ring,this is about getting email enquiries.

We will only accept 5 free reviews a month.

I’m Andrew Edwards thanks for listening and we’ll talk to you soon.

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