How To Learn SEO, SEO Tutorials FREE, Best SEO Tips

How To Learn SEO, SEO Tutorials FREE, Best SEO Tips

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Awesome-sauce SEO tips for you all. Shout out to MomWithaHook & Honey Badgers. I love you! X0X0 Renae.

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Mom With a Hook |

Kelly Paul Honey Badgers |

404 errors free software |

404 errors tutorial |

robot.txt tutorial |

Example Robot.txt file |

Duplicate content tutorial |

Google local listing tutorial |

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  • Tom Cote Reply

    you confused me……I think it started with the sunkist orange skirt…

  • Micheal David Reply

    Your really pretty great video so funny :)

  • Gabe Johansson Reply

    For best results with SEO, learn content marketing mixed with social media
    and you’ll benefit assuming there IS a robots.txt file! Self hosted
    Wordpress sites have that covered :)

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Ha ha. I love that skirt. Don’t make fun of me!

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Thanks. :)

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Yes. WordPress itself is gold food for Google.

  • harlee page Reply

    dude are u on METH ??????

  • birdie b's Childrens Clothing Reply

    You had mentioned google local listings and said you would have a link (I
    think????) but I am not seeing one. Could you throw it our way?

  • Renae Christine Reply

    It’s quite possible.

  • Renae Christine Reply

    If you go to my blog then you can find the link. :) The link to my blog is
    in the video description.

  • birdie b's Childrens Clothing Reply


  • GreenRingGaming Reply

    I love your hyper, Over the top style, You’re way better than Jenna Marbles
    but that’s who you remind me of x

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Woah. I think that’s the BEST compliment I’ve EVER gotten.

  • Nirvana 11b Reply

    omg I freaking luv your intro! lmao

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Ha ha. Thanks Erica!

  • Spook SEO Reply

    Awesome tutorial. The way I see it, to make sure that your doing safe SEO,
    you just have to make sure that your contents are of high quality, you are
    linking to relevant sites, and you aren’t spamming anyone. If you add in
    keywords to your contents and sharing these high quality contents without
    spamming, you’re pretty much in the right track.

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Yup. Agreed!

  • Nur Faisal Reply

    Really nice video.

  • Renae Christine Reply

    Thanks. :)

  • Mary Ross Reply

    I liked your video. When I watched the robox.txt video I discovered that
    robox.text is not the best method, also I learned a lot from his video.

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