How To Increase Online Sales – Sales Techniques

How To Increase Online Sales – Sales Techniques

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Hi, my name is Carl John Fechner and I help baby boomer small business owners transform their online presence with our coaching and digital marketing agency. And today, I want to chat to you about what every small business owner must know before they begin to build an effective online presence to get more leads, more sales and higher profits, because the internet is the greatest media marketing opportunity in history. I’m really excited about it. I’ve seen some amazing things happen already on the internet, because the little guys can take on the big guys because it’s now made it a level playing field. The outlay that you have to commit to the internet in comparison to traditional advertising is really peanuts. And we’ve seen some amazing things happen.

My first client had an 800% increase in business. Now, just think about that, 800% increase in business, when most business owners are pretty pleased if they get a 1% or a 5% increase as a result of their marketing. Another client, a motel had 100% increase in business and more recently, a potato cake manufacturer here in Australia had 150% increase in business and totally dominate their industry nationally, right across the board. And that’s all as a result of effective internet marketing.

So, regardless of what industry that you’re in, the internet is going to change the way we do business online. But there are some principles that you need to understand to really make this work and this is where most people make a mistake and I really want to show you something here that’s the key and it’s the major key in the foundation of when you’re building an online presence, what you need to know, because one of the things is that the buyers come online to buy. It’s search marketing versus intrusive marketing. If you put ads on TV, radio, papers, whatever, that’s really intrusive marketing. And so you’re just doing a scattergun approach right across the market and hope that someone, there’s buyers that’s now buyers.

The great part about the internet is it’s search marketing, meaning that when they come online, they’re coming online to buy and you must understand, this is a fundamental foundation that you must understand, is they come online to buy. In the good old days it was called the Yellow Pages. You picked up the Yellow Pages and you didn’t pick it up to read it as a novel, you picked it up to start the search or start to search to buy. Now, the important part is with the selling process and I’m just drawing a line in here, there’s a starting point here somewhere and there’s a tipping point here. Now, this in here, this is what I call this — I call this the road to a sale because what’s taking place in a road to a sale, in any transaction that’s happening, there’s a process or a series of questions that people ask. They got their own fears, they got their own doubts, they got their own concerns. An effective online marketing program must answer all of their fears and doubts and concerns.

Now, the other thing is this is like your buyer and you’ll be doing the same with me when you’re looking at this as you’ll be asking, who are you? Can I trust you? Is your product or service any good? Will it solve my problems? What’s your after sales service like? These are questions that your buyer has online that they’re subconsciously asking themselves. And I just want to show you something that’s here. What takes place in the selling process is what I term as a set of scales in their minds. And on the set of scales — I draw a little face there — is on this side of the scales is called fear of loss. Excuse my lousy writing. This side is fear of loss and on this side is hope for gain. And this basically happens in every transaction, wherever you are. But this is more importantly that you grasp this and actually do this online.

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