How To Get Specific – Brainstation YVR

How To Get Specific – Brainstation YVR

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How To Get Specific in Digital Marketing.

In the second week of the 10 week Digital Marketing course at Brainstation in Vancouver, we talk about getting specific, namely through setting SMART GOALS.

0:30 – setting SMART GOALS:

1:36 – Defining your User Persona or your “avatar”

2:38 – Getting clear on your Vision and therefore, your Mission.

Any tips on how to get specific? PLEASE. Let me know. I’m all over the place.

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BrainStation’s Digital Marketing course is tailored to beginners who want to learn how to stand out digitally, whether it be for their business or personal brand. The 10 week, part-time course breaks down digital marketing into 4 components, with each section led by an industry expert: Branding & Strategy, Community & Social Media, E-Mail Marketing, and SEO & Analytics. Throughout the 10 weeks, students will be given a project to apply each lesson’s key learnings, thereby giving them the opportunity to build out a comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaign to showcase their newfound skills. The course is hands-on and focuses on active learning, whether it be through case study or team project work. By the end of the course, students will have a solid understanding of the core fundamentals of building Digital Marketing Campaigns – from performing a SWOT analysis to building a social media content calendar to learning how to make SEO analysis’ and recommendations.

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