How to Design a Website | Web Design Tips and Techniques by CI Web Group

How to Design a Website | Web Design Tips and Techniques by CI Web Group

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Jennifer Bagley with CI Web Group provides a detailed training session on how to design a website. She discusses what you should consider when designing a website and what to avoid when designing a website to ensure you get the best SEO, social media, and internet marketing results.
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  • COD5252 Reply

    your voice is so soothing i cant concentrate damn

  • Aniekan Equere Reply

    please can i get the presentation used for this video?

  • Christopher Ledford Reply

    Thank you Jennifer…now, I do not feel so lost in the web designing
    world…great job on educating…I will be checking out CIWeb
    design….what brought me to your presentation was knowing that “youtube”
    can be a great place for learning (amongst other things)…I just typed in
    “how to create a web page” and I looked for the time of the video…”Time”
    is one of the many important variables for learning…great quality
    information and presentation in a nice simple format. Thank you!

  • Rosendo Cuyasen Jr Reply

    This is an educational point of view for web designers around the world.
    Now if you want to ask the designer to build a design please ask them if
    they are capable of this web design categories.

  • aNdYmAtTeR Reply

    aw, c’mon? You’re part of the iCult? Photoshop was somehow bad, Dreamweaver
    was a no-no and Flash is the EVIL OF EVILS??? But it’s OK to use HTML5
    that’s not even properly released yet. Like you can’t make obnoxious
    animations in HTML5/CSS3/javascrip? Flash is still a great tool, especially
    on top of PHP/mySQL to display dynamic realtime updated graphics. Building
    a complete site in Flash is of course wrong for SEO but who does? On
    another note. This was a comically ugly and boring presentation

  • Yui Hirasawa Reply

    @zxbbgdv My earning have skyrocketed to over $1800 a day. You gotta get
    into hungry niches, thats the trick. This course explains it all >>>

  • Rosendo Cuyasen Jr Reply

    Good explanations.. As web developer your tutorial will help people who
    don’t know much about website development..

  • DvanderAart (Danny van der Aart) Reply

    avoid dreamweaver lolz.. You really have no idea.. The point to make is use
    the program wisely and avoid some things in every program you can use. The
    avoiding a high end program is just poor advice. Google indexes very
    different these days too than what you seem to think. You info is just
    outdated madam..

  • AlicePond93 Reply

    Most boring thing ever… Why talk so slow I’m not 5?!

  • Som D Gurung Reply

    why to avoid DW? any reason?

  • Shanu kumar Reply

    hiiiiii its good

  • klcheetah Reply

    Why avoid websites made by 1 or 2 people? I understand you want to make
    money but that doesn’t mean you have to throw the little guy under the bus.
    Maybe some of these people do better work than you do?

  • mayer jesy Reply

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  • Smith James L Reply

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  • Magic Troll Bus Reply

    they are telling you to avoid everything except word press, which looks
    just like the next website. Look at any website for a big corporation and
    then ask yourself if they used word press. That’s their way of saying “use
    word press so we can download a template and use your text based content
    slap a $2500 price tag on it and call it a day.” Don’t listen to these
    people, they aren’t even categorized on the first 10 pages of Google search
    for anything “web design related” They rely on SEO Ultimate

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