Hit Web Design shares Logo Tips and Tricks

Hit Web Design shares Logo Tips and Tricks

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Chelsea a creative mind at Hit Web Design shares some tips and benefits of properly utilizing your company logo on your website. If you don’t have a custom logo for your business just give Hit Web Design a call at 866-211-0743 or visit us at http://www.hitwebdesign.com


  • SeaWorldPodcast Reply

    What awesome tips on how to use my logo! Thanks for sharing Hit Web Design!

  • Leonne Hunkin Reply

    HIT Web Design is awesome. They put together a logo for me and I love it.
    Great job HIT.

  • hardcore4parkour Reply

    I am really amazed at how great and SIMPLE this advice is by HIT Web
    Design! So many times have I seen websites where they logo is only put on
    as an after thought, or it is placed in such a way where people have no
    true idea of what company they are working it. Also I hate seeing logos
    that are too complex. A good logo you should be able to view in silhouette.
    Now it seems like people want a logo to be a full photo. HIT Web Design
    really knows how to make GREAT logos!

  • SeaWorldPodcast Reply

    I like your newer video better than this one now! lol

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