Growth Driven Design: Tips to make your marketing a success (Grow Live #13)

Growth Driven Design: Tips to make your marketing a success (Grow Live #13)

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Is the thought of updating your web presence making you a little nuts?

It shouldn’t. Ok, well maybe a little bit. But, we’ve come to understand that if you look at your marketing efforts as these insurmountable boulders, you’ll never get anything accomplished. And that’s exactly what Matt Johnson and Renia Carsillo are talking about this week on Grow Live.

Here are some of the things they discuss:

• How to Implement Agile Project Management with your team
• What is Growth Driven Design and how to make it work for you
• How small incremental changes on your website provide better
• Adapting to changing business needs and letting data do the
• Making Google fall in love with your marketing efforts

“Take one deliverable to learn how people interact with your site. Then test. Add more. Test again,” -Renia Carsillo, Director of Digital Strategy at SMS

The team at Safety Marketing Services won’t let you fail. We’re here with advice to help you throughout the entire industrial marketing process. For more tips on managing the digital marketing process for your team, check out the resources below.

Additional resources from the show:
Growth Driven Design
Industrial Marketer 101

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