Graphic Design 101 – 5 tips for nondesigners

Graphic Design 101 – 5 tips for nondesigners

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If you work for a small company or nonprofit and find yourself lost when tasked with designing flyers, ads and more, join us as we go over a few basic tips that will help even the inexperienced create with flair.

Today’s communications professionals are required to have a portfolio of skills ranging from the basics such as writing and speaking skills, to more advanced skills in social media, video, and web. Design is no different. Having a basic understanding of the key elements of design will make many aspects of the job easier.

Truly talented designers spend years honing their craft, but there are some basic guidelines that anyone can incorporate that will help your materials look better, present better, get your messaging across more clearly, and attract more attention. By attending this webinar, you’ll come away with a better understanding of what you may have been doing wrong, and how to make it better. You will feel more confident in undertaking design projects once you understand some of the concepts we will talk about in the webinar.

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  • Adam C Johnson Reply

    Thanks for the helpful video. I’ve been tasked with designing some ads and
    flyers for my photography business in Photoshop.

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