Google Search Update, HTTPS Defaults, Top SEO Tips & Holiday Decorations

Google Search Update, HTTPS Defaults, Top SEO Tips & Holiday Decorations

Posted by on / 0 Comments – This week in search we noticed a couple Google ranking updates, which are unconfirmed. One of those updates those updates was on December 10th and the other was on December 16th. Google said they will now index HTTPS URLs by default, when they can. Google’s John Mueller gave SEO tips for 2016. Google updated their rich snippets for articles documentation to require author name and add AMP specifics. Google said there is no technical advantage to splitting up your sitemap file. Google said avoid using special characters in your URLs. Google updated their App Indexing documentation. Google launches their Google My Business API. Search for bubble level in Google and you’ll get a nice treat on your mobile device. Google replaced the “web” navigation with “all” instead. Google posted their holiday decorations for Chanukah, Christmas and Kwanzaa this Sunday. We’ve updated our Search Engine Roundtable app and shared some of our data in the Search Console. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Search Ranking Update Continue : December 10th Update :
Potential Google Search Update On December 16th:
Google Indexing HTTPS By Default :
SEO Tips For 2016 By Google’s John Mueller :
Google Rich Snippets For Articles Now Requires Author Name :
Google Updates Rich Snippets For Articles Documentation For AMP :
Google: No Technical Advantage To Splitting Up Sitemaps But Useful For Debugging :
Google: Avoid Using Special Characters In URLs :
Google Updated Their App Indexing Documentation :
Google My Business API Has Launched :
Google’s Interactive Bubble Level Or Spirit Level :
Google Officially Replaces “Web” Results With “All Results” In Search :
Google Does Have Holiday Decorations For Chanukah, Christmas & Kwanzaa :
Updated Search Engine Roundtable App & App Indexing Stats :

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