Google Normal Fluctuations, Mobile SEO Tips, AdWords Quality Score Drop & Bing Search Confidence

Google Normal Fluctuations, Mobile SEO Tips, AdWords Quality Score Drop & Bing Search Confidence

Posted by on / 5 Comments – This week in search, I covered a couple noticeable Google search algorithmic changes, but Google said they are just normal fluctuations in the search results. Google shared a lot more about the mobile-friendly search algorithm including the best way to know if you are mobile friendly, that it will take a few days to a week to roll out, that you are either mobile friendly or not. They also shared the 7 most common mistakes around this, advice on making a static site mobile friendly and that the Google News ranking algorithm is unaffected by this algorithm for now. Google News does prefer to index your HTTPS URLs over the HTTP URLs. Bing is so confident about their long tail query search results, they remove the pagination to more results. Google is showing colorful knowledge graph boxes in the mobile results. Google is playing around with the placement of the local results and map in both mobile and desktop. Google AdWords advertisers noticed a huge Quality Score decline, it seems to be a widespread bug. Google launched product ratings for Product Listing Ads outside of the US. Google AdSense is turning colorful ads gray for some. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Large Google Algorithm & Search Result Changes: Possible Update Or Testing? :
Google: The Changes In The Search Results Are Normal Fluctuations :
Google: Pages With Mobile-Friendly Label Will Benefit From The Mobile-Friendly Algorithm :
Google: The Mobile Friendly Algorithm Will Roll Out Over A Few Days To A Week :
Google’s Mobile Friendly Algorithm Is On Or Off: No Degrees Of Mobile Friendliness :
Google: The 7 Most Common Mistakes When Going Mobile-Friendly :
Google Technical Advice On Making A Static Web Page Mobile/Responsive Friendly :
Google News Unaffected By Mobile-Friendly Ranking Algorithm – For Now :
Google News Prefers HTTPS URLs & Will Show Those First :
Google: We’re Working On Making The Google News Sitemap Index Count More Accurate :
Bing May Omit Other Pages Of Search Results For Long Tail Queries :
Colorful Google Knowledge Graph Boxes :
Google Moves The Map & Local Pack Below The Fold :
Google Mobile Local Results Expand Link Navigation :
Huge Quality Score Drop For Google AdWords Advertisers :
Product Ratings For Google Product Listing Ads Expands To UK, France & Germany :
Google AdSense Ads Turn Gray & Muted :


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