Google Digital Unlocked

Google Digital Unlocked

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Google Digital Unlock :

Digital Unlocked is launched to help around 51 million small and medium businesses in India to go online and get benefitted from it.
Google will provide both online and offline training and certification under this program to assist the SMBs of India.
The training is meant to guide SMBs on how to go online, need to be online, various digital marketing platforms such as Search Engine Optimization, use of search ads, analyzing their traffic etc.
Google has partnered with Federation of India for Commerce Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), and Indian School of Business, Hyderabad for training and certification.
Any business with Internet access can join this program by Signing Up here:
Google has launched Primer to provide training. Primer is an app and will teach SMBs skills to develop their business online. Primer works offline and is available on Play Store for download.
Along with online training, Google also has its offline centers in Chandigarh, Haridwar, Jaipur and Bhuvneshwar, Jalandhar etc. Here it will offer eight-hour sessions to SMBs.
Google has planned to conduct around 5,000 workshops across 40 cities in the coming three years.
Currently, 23 topics based on Digital Marketing is included. Google has said that it will keep on adding new topics as required.
Google has also announced to launch “My Business” in order to help SMBs in building their own websites from scratch. According to Google around 40,000 SMEs are listed on their search engine but not every one of them has their own website. Under My Business, Google will help SMBs create their own Mobile compatible websites.

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