Google Analytics consultant explains how bounce rates influence sales

Google Analytics consultant explains how bounce rates influence sales

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Google Analytics consultant explains how bounce rates influence sales.

0:05 Google Analytics

0:34 What is Bounce Rate?

1:13 Reasons why your Bounce Rate is high

1:57 Break down of website traffic

What is a bounce rate on your website in Google Analytics and why should you care?

In this short video the answer is revealed and you have the opportunity to increase your leads & sales significantly when you lower your bounce rate, with a few exceptions.

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Hi this gonna be a brief video about explaining what bounce rate is on a website.

So we are looking at Google Analytics here and this is something that if you don’t have it it’s absolutely free and we can help you install it but it’s worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and it’s absolutely critical to your online and offline visits business success and we’re going to have a look at the breakdown of the audience here and so on the dashboard you can see that the number of visits the number of unique visits which is what you should care about and ultimately this is the bounce rate.

So a bounce rate simply means that they tend to your site they look at the pages or the page and they left without taking any action at all in other words unless there’s an exception to the rule, which I’ll cover in just a moment, they really dislike your pages immensely. And so if you got an average of 40% bounce rate well that is literally what I say is average and so that definitely can be improved if you got over 40% as you can see in this example here you know 55.38% is not great and if you get anything more than that we got some serious issues so it is something you have to take seriously.

There’s some really only 2 different reasons why you will have a high bounce rate, one is that your advertising is not targeted to specific pages that are most relevant to the visitors the conversation they’re having in their head and so therefore when they land they just don’t see what they expect. So if you are advertising dog training and they came to a page that was obviously talking about cats, well as obvious as that might seem that you wouldn’t do that, there’s a lot of people who do something similar so it’s not going to work and they’re going to leave so it’s simply means they don’t click anywhere else.

But there’s just one other example that I’ll show you here because it breaks down lots of different parts of your website and there’s other parts as well but this just shows you the breakdown of direct traffic, organic traffic, social and referral.

So direct is simply where they mainly know your name, it can come from email marketing as well because that’s not trapped unless you do something differently and banner ads are the same thing.

But organic search means the left hand side of Google more often than not unless you are using Bing or Yahoo.

Social of course is social media and referrals are well as the name suggest referral or affiliate site.

So you can see the bounce rate right here and how it varies per type of traffic and I dont have the time to go down into all the different categories here but you can look at the bounce rate on Google adwords which is pay per click the top shaded box is Google and down at the right hand side and you can look at it for all your social media activity where they come to your website which is what you should be doing anyway and so you can break this down and all the different parts that you can see on the left hand side.

You do have to set up goals but simply you have to take some positive action to improve the user experience if you got a high bounce rate unless you are literally intending to send people to one page from an advert and you make money and that you know you don’t care if they bounce off then but if you got a blog and they’re reading your blog and leaving g the question is did you make any money from that? because if you didn’t or you got no call to action then you’re basically just well not taken advantage of what you could be and your business is not profiting as much as it could be.

So I hope that helps and we will talk to you soon.

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