Getting Your Business onto the Digital Superhighway and the Power of the Inbox

Getting Your Business onto the Digital Superhighway and the Power of the Inbox

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If you ever wanted to know what digital marketing is, what this thing called Digital Superhighway or how to get your business on it, this is the seminar for you. This is a ground floor presentation structured to “get you on board” with digital marketing. This is a “new for 2016” presentation with Mike Bitter as your host.

Mike has been in digital marketing for over 8 years and he knows what it takes to get a business onto the Superhighway with minimal effort that maximizes your digital and email footprint. Mike will show you how to increase your reach and build relationships and revenue through the use of techniques his company has used for years to build his client’s businesses.

During this webinar Mike will show you some of his secrets to building a business through digital marketing. He’ll share his company’s best practices and strategies that really work.

In this seminar you will learn…
• What the Digital Superhighway is and and why use it
• Why businesses are melding social media and email marketing together
• How to “do it well” with some simple best practices for social media and email marketing
• What it takes to look good in the inbox
• What time of the day and day of the week your digital marketing makes the greatest impact

You will walk away with lots of tried and true digital and email marketing tips and tricks and how they can help feed your business or organization with more customers, referrals, donations, members, and prospects.
Don’t miss this revealing, exciting seminar.

If you’ve been to one of Mike’s seminars you know he’s not holding anything back. This is an interactive seminar so be prepared to ask questions and learn more ways to grow your business.

If you want to go up you have to show up. Get Registered Today!

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