Freelance Digital Marketing Life – Month 6! 🎉

Freelance Digital Marketing Life – Month 6! 🎉

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Quick update – I made it to 6 months of freelance digital marketing and it’s been a damn good month. As well as spending a fair amount of time preparing for Black Friday and Christmas sales with my clients I was also fortunate enough to be able to head out to Utah to work with one of my clients on some incredible content creation, which was such an awesome experience.

This month also marks a full 6 months since becoming full time self employed. I covered the key things I’ve learnt during this time in the Month 5 vlog, but one lesson I wanted to add to that was…

Ask everyone for their thoughts.

The reason being is that I’m undecided about what direction the next 6 months should hold. Or, to take it step back, how to work out how to work out what direction the future should hold. I’m not planning some massive career change, but simply I want a goal to work towards, but am unsure about how to work that out. Any advice, as ever is greatly appreciated.

Anyway, there’s links below to the previous vlogs if you want to have a look through and if you’d like to it, I’d be massively appreciative if you could like, share and subscribe to these videos..

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