Five Digital Marketing KPIs

Five Digital Marketing KPIs

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How To Know Your Digital Marketing Is Effective

By Randy Shattuck

A lot of companies are investing heavily in digital marketing these days, hoping for specific kinds of returns. But what happens when those returns don’t materialize for a long time? CEOs and senior marketing executives have to make choices about what to do next, often difficult choices.

I’ve heard CEO’s lament that they can’t see the results of digital marketing. They wonder if they should keep trying, change tactics or even change marketing leadership. Marketing leaders often struggle with a new digital landscape that feels like foreign territory. The analog strategies and tactics that used to work are no longer enough. But building a successful digital marketing plan often feels like gazing up at a star field and picking points of light to see the constellation. The picture is not obvious.

One of the biggest problems with digital marketing is understanding what’s working so you can repeat it. The obvious KPI is new clients and revenue. But we all know that this is the end of a process that often has many steps that precede a client signing a deal. What do those intervening steps look like in a digital world and how can you measure them to understand the effectiveness of your digital marketing? I’d like to share with you the 5 KPIs that we use to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing.

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