FGV MLM tips–Top 5 SEO tips for beginners in MLM | Charleston, WV

FGV MLM tips–Top 5 SEO tips for beginners in MLM | Charleston, WV

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Top Five SEO Tips for Beginners in MLM

Newcomer network marketers who plan to market themselves online need to learn some basic search engine optimization (SEO) as part of their internet marketing efforts.

Starting with Basic SEO

If the world of search engine optimization is new to you, some essential SEO tips will aide in breaking down the slew of information you need to start with. There is so much information to sort through when it comes to internet marketing with SEO, from black hat tricks like link spamming, to keyword research, to good and bad anchor text, and the endless algorithmic changes that mess up your position in the search results. Trying to keep up can feel like an eternal uphill battle. To start off small in network marketing, here are the top five tips you should begin implementing today.

1. King of all SEO Tips: Write Meaningful Content

Well-written, meaningful, original, interesting, and reader-friendly content is first and foremost. Every blog, web page, YouTube video, article, and press release you draft must be made up of content that people are looking for; i.e. Content that they don’t realize is SEO content yet content that they will share with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or e-mail. For technical purposes, it is ideal for a piece of content to be at least 300 words long.

2. Keywords metatag is still important

It is said that the keywords metatag is dead, because at one point in time, spammers and black-hat internet marketers abused this metatag to manipulate the system. Despite this, keywords are still important to search engines like Google for indexing purposes. Approximately 3% keyword density is plenty for the search engine robots to be able to understand the subject matter of your page and to categorize it properly. Anything more than that and your efforts might be perceived as keyword stuffing, which can have serious consequences, starting with a drop in the rankings. Simply incorporate major keywords and long tail specific keywords as they come naturally and you should do fine. They should flow seamlessly and never stand out to the reader.

3. Use the Necessary Tags

Tags are the main way the search engines index every web page. So make sure your keywords and any other information pertaining to your topic are included in the most important tags. These include the title tag, the header tags, the description metatag, the keywords metatag, and alt tags for images. Tags contain valuable metadata that is not seen on your actual page.

4. Use On-Page Links

Linking to other, relevant sites that benefit the reader is important. This doesn’t mean you should link to your competition because they have more content than you do on a particular topic. However, it does mean that you want to make sure your content is understandable to the readers who follow you. If this means linking to another site now and then, that’s okay. This will reinforce the value and authenticity of your content, telling the search engine robots that you are interested in providing quality content for your reader and not fooling the search engines for higher rankings.

It is also important to link internally….meaning link from one page within your website to another as well. Whenever you’re writing a new blog article, and part of it covers a topic you have written about before, link to that older content. But make sure you know how to use anchor text properly when linking.

5. Get External Websites to Link to You

Last but not least of these SEO tips, get inbound links. Getting inbound links is not an easy to do. It WILL take time and dedication. Article submission sites like EzineArticles.com are good place to start. Video directory sites such as YouTube are another place. Create any content that is newsworthy so you can put in a press release. As your website grows, people will begin linking to you naturally as an authority sight in network marketing. Inbound links are important because they prove to the search robots that your content is valuable to other site owners.

Marco Abanico is an internet network marketer who passionately helps his downline distributors to get prospects for their businesses. He services downline members from Charleston, Morgantown, Huntington, Beckley, Bluefield, and Parkersburg, West Virginia (WV), and anywhere in the globe you can think of.

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