Facebook Marketing Tips – How to generate leads with these video ads styles on Facebook

Facebook Marketing Tips – How to generate leads with these video ads styles on Facebook

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These 3 video styles are crushing it on Facebook video with over ,623 in revenue from Facebook Video ads. I’ll explore the campaign strategy and show you how in this video. Jump start your video campaign with my video marketing toolkit: http://bit.ly/yt_blueprint


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Video Notes:

Whether organic or paid ads, generating leads with Facebook video is super affordable and very scalable. What’s key is that you have a converting landing page to capture the lead information when it comes in- name and email is all you need.

Then use Facebook Video to drive your targeted audience over to that landing page where you know you are optimized for leads.

Here are the links we talked about in the video:

Frank Kern’s interview on Digital Marketer’s podcast:

How to create a high converting landing page:

How to create Remarketing Lists for Facebook Video

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More About the Content:

Owen shares how he increased the results of a Facebook video ads campaign from 3% CTR to over 10% by changing a couple of simple things — how the video was shot and the thumbnail image.

Owen shares his thought process behind split-testing the specific thumbnails he did. Facebook video thumbnails are such a small part of the Facebook video ecosystem but make such a big difference.

The content of the Facebook video ad and the goal behind it. It’s important to know your strategy before you just start buying ads. The process is complex and can help your video marketing campaign tremendously.

We break down the sales funnel of the campaign and the strategy behind it. After all, you want your Facebook video ads to generate leads and sales.

What Owen is doing now to increase the conversion rate on the landing page. Once you’ve proved that your facebook video ads can convert, it’s time to drive a ton of traffic.


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