Facebook Local Insights – Understanding Who Walks By

Facebook Local Insights – Understanding Who Walks By

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In this short video Matt Muscat, Marketing Director @ Treadstone Funding explains Facebook’s new local insights metrics and gives some ideas for how local businesses could use this data.

Whether you are going to use facebook local insights with paid advertising or not, the insights can be used to target other offline areas of your marketing strategy as well.

This video is all about FaceBook marketing for Realtors and real estate professionals. Watering your social media accounts is crucial. If you are looking for real estate marketing tips using social media, digital media, or even traditional mediums call Treadstone’s marketing department today! 616-774-9160 x 55-228. FaceBook can be a great source for Realtor marketing and for real estate lead generation

Treadstone Funding is a division of AmeriFirst Financial Corp. NMLS 110139. Treadstone Marketing services are available to all licensed Realtors in West Michigan. For more information call 616-774-9160 x 55-228

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