Facebook Image Sizes 2017 – Digital Marketing Tips from Copp Media

Facebook Image Sizes 2017 – Digital Marketing Tips from Copp Media

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This week we are going to look at Facebook Image Sizes. There are currently four different types of images we are going to cover for Facebook in 2017.

Facebook Profile Photos
Facebook Cover Photos
Facebook Newsfeed Photos
Facebook Ad Photos

Facebook will allow some cropping within their platform but it won’t always be to your liking. So instead of relying on their tools, here are the specs you should use for your Facebook Profile photos, news feed and ads.

Facebook Profile photos should be 180×180 pixels
Facebook Cover photos should be 828×315 pixels
The news feed can be very tricky because there are three different sizes that are all very close, but the standard is to use 1200×630 which will show on mobile devices as 560×292.
The main reason the newsfeed photos are so tricky is because the suggested image size for facebook newsfeed ads is 1200×628. If you are creating an image specifically for the sidebar facebook ads, then your specs would be 254×133.

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