Facebook Cover Video Digital Marketing Agency

Facebook Cover Video Digital Marketing Agency

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Full Resolution Version of Facebook Business Page Cover Video

Hi, Im Bill with Alpha Consulting.
I started this Agency to create Business Solutions in the Digital Space. It has now evolved, due in part because of some of my own challenges.
Thanks to my Business coaches & mentors, I made a move to seek out Partnerships, and create teams of some of the top professionals in their fields. Including an international video marketing agency, top freelancers and programmers, who help my customers unify all their digital marketing needs to accomplish only one thing. Growth in the Digital Space.
This is how we are different, and create a competitive edge for our customers. When You do your discovery meeting with us, our goal is to assure that all of your online projects benefit your branding, top line revenues, and profit lines.
You will work with a team that meets all the needs of your project.
We provide Development Methodologies, and creative solutions to meet all of your objectives. We take pride in adding value, but more importantly, recognize that we are building relationships.
Book Your Discovery Meeting, and we will handle the rest.

Book Now https://meetme.so/BillRichardson

With over 1.5 billion users, there is no doubt Facebook is one of the best ways to get in front of your customers. It is a great way to interact with customers through consistent posting, live video feeds, integration of applications, the facebook developer platform, developer marketing platform, the canvas advertising templates, and the numerous ways to utilize facebooks ad campaigns. Creating a Facebook Business Page is vital to get your business in front of your targeted market. This tutorial is an overview of setting up your page. For a more in depth step by step tutorial, download this free copy of Dominate Facebook Like a Boss-Build Your Business Page.http://www.alphaconsultingfirm.com/dominate-facebook/

Make sure to Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=lywhGRUzEz8?sub_confirmation=1

Each week I will be releasing videos that will include interviews with top developers and marketers, sharing the latest tips and trends.

Ready to streamline your digital marketing services:
Contact Us marketing@alphaconsultingfirm.com

You will find more resources: www.alphaconsultingfirm.com

Be sure to get your FREE DOWNLOAD of the SOCIAL MEDIA ACCELERATOR. A quick guide for individuals looking to build their own website and integrate social media marketing. Follow the link: http://www.alphaconsultingfirm.com/go/social-media-accelerator-2/

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Facebook Pic Reccomendations:
Cover Photo 820×320
Mobile Safe Area 640×360
Profile 180×180
Link Image 1200×628
Post Image 1200 x 630/1200×1200
Group Page Cover 801×250
Business Page Cover 860×312
Event Page Cover 860×540


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