Essential Tips for Writing Marketing Emails

Essential Tips for Writing Marketing Emails

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Email has gotten a bad rap, but we’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s one of the most popular and effective tools in any marketer’s toolbox. Learning how to write a compelling marketing email can add another skill to your portfolio and help your clients reach and engage new business.

Ginna Hall is marketing director at WriterAccess. Before joining WriterAccess, she was a freelance writer for fifteen years and hired freelancers as an in-house marketing communications director. A champion of clarity, creativity, and concision, she has written for start-ups, non-profits, consulting groups and global agencies in digital marketing and technology, education, and social services. She also teaches Writing for Advertising and PR at Boston University.

Watch this free webinar with Ginna Hall and learn:

* Essential elements of every marketing email
* How to translate features into benefits that matter to your audience
* Tips for writing better subject lines
* How social media and email work together
* The nuts and bolts of putting together an email campaign

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