EN – Pôle Léonard de Vinci – MBA Digital Marketing Strategy

EN – Pôle Léonard de Vinci – MBA Digital Marketing Strategy

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Find the REPLAY & THE ANALYSIS by Campus-Channel for this program here: http://www.campus-channel.com/pole-leonard-de-vinci-mba-digital-marketing-strategy.html


00:57 The corporate speech

02:17 The interview

02:35 Hello. Does this MBA require us to be working when applying? And can we work and study at the same time?

04:00 For how many years has this program been there? I want to know if I can personally contact some alumni by email and if you give the contact information. Thanks.

05:53 Hi, I didn’t study anything related to marketing before, and of course not digital marketing. I studied international relations. Will I be able to get in?

07:39 Hi there, I am curious about backgrounds of professors who lecture on social media. Would they have worked in places like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.?

09:50 Hi! Do we do both junior consulting project and professional project? What is the difference? What about the internship?

13:21 I would like to know please, the kinds of jobs and positions that students have after graduating. Would you give us top three for example? And in which companies?

15:38 Good afternoon. I have 12 years of experience now with our small company in cosmetics. I realize that online marketing is becoming more desirable. Will this be beneficial for me if I want to expand our company as the top manager? Will I be too old compared to others?

18:44 Do you have some important contacts or partnerships with companies that look for digital marketing experts? For example, Deezer?

21:22 Expert question

21:33 Expert question: In the end, is there any difference between a general marketing strategy and a digital marketing strategy, apart from the fact that it uses online tools?

25:30 Could you please give some tips about application letter and interview please? I have zero experience in this field but I am very interested. How can I show it?

28:43 How important is my English level to follow the courses and enter? I’m French and I can read and write well but I cannot speak very well. is this problematic?

31:26 I wonder if you have company visits or international events on digital marketing that students can participate. Many thanks.

33:43 Are there courses that we share with other major students? Will there be many courses for us to choose each semester? Thank you.

35:36 Hello. Is there any opportunity to go to another university in the world for a semester? I’m interested in the US. Thank you.

36:41 Will the majority of your students be Europeans? How international are you?

38:41 Hi! I plan to do a start-up e-business of renewable energy for developing countries. Do you have some courses on diverse national regulations on e-business? And do you have any professor or specific contacts who have experience in this sector? Thank you.

40:54 Conclusion

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