Email Marketing Tips using The Machine

Email Marketing Tips using The Machine

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Imagine this…

Each day you wake up, type up an email, press SEND and watch the sales roll in.

Could there be anything more satisfying than that?

Actually… yes.  It’s much more satisfying (and lucrative) to…
… set up a SERIES of emails ONCE and watch sales roll in EVERY DAY on AUTOPILOT.

We’ll send over a million emails in over a dozen markets… today.  And we’ll do it again tomorrow.

I know a thing or two about getting ROI from email marketing and I’m going to share my system with you now.

But before I do… you should know that you don’t need a big email list or fancy software to start seeing amazing results from email marketing.  You simply need a plan.

We call that plan “The Machine.”
Here’s how it works…

Each email we send has one of five purposes:

Indoctrinate — Teach them who you are

Engage — Get them to buy

Ascend — Get them to buy more

Segment — Learn what they want to buy next

Reengage/Win Back — Bring them back

Each purpose is dependent upon the last — creating 5 stages of email marketing.

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