Email marketing tips (DGS4 Recap)

Email marketing tips (DGS4 Recap)

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Email marketing tips
Given that you are all traditional marketers and none of you are analytics experts, what would you have done say 5 or 10 years ago differently so that you would be better off today?

I would have gone into Data and learned all of those things. I realized that I could have saved myself a lot of heartache if I knew the details behind the way that everything worked. Data is where the future is going and without a knowledge of data, you might one day be obsolete so that is what I would go back and focus on. Sheena Graham, Relationship One

I was in school a long time ago, but I would say that curiosity is the most important. You cannot be not curious in today’s world. You have to understand how it all works even if you don’t do it yourself because for me, I go and learn all of the time. You can go and learn pretty much anything on YouTube. You want to know how to do anything, go to YouTube or ask people. You have to really be proactive and curious. – Rikke Alderson, Big 5 Sporting Goods

Learning data and HTMl properly because I taught myself. Learning how to read the data and what to do with it would be valuable. – Justin Freeman, LegalZoom

It’s important to know about whether or not the data is pre-campaign or post-campaign so that you know how to work with the data. The more time you spend on strategy such as how do I acquire new data, how do I understand that data a little bit more, etc. I take that data and then apply it to the next campaign but as marketers, you have to keep guessing and trying out new strategies. Keep testing. Justin Soni, Silverpop Systems

Analytics. Really understanding analytics is crucial. – Elizabeth Jacobi, Javelin Marketing

If I could go back and do it all over again, I wouldn’t apologize for being a marketer. I think a lot of time as marketers we hear, “You’re just a marketer” and you hear that often enough, you start to shrink. I have come to realize that we are marketers for a reason because companies need us and if you don’t believe that they need marketers, look at some of the crappy websites and crappy emails that you get. – Anita Taylor, Hopscotch

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