Email Marketing Tips 2017 | 3 Do’s and Don’ts!

Email Marketing Tips 2017 | 3 Do’s and Don’ts!

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Email Marketing Tips 2017 | Get more weekly training here: The 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing 2017:

STOP sending ‘Selfish Content’. Guess what people don’t care all that much about Bryan – your new intern, or your ‘latest news’. This content tends to be all about you, and if this is all your sending – yes you are spamming.

START sending valuable content to make people feel happier or smarter. We see email marketing as a key part of our content strategy. When we create new content, we’re making it good enough to send to our email list. It’s not salesy content either – the purpose is to build trust and attention over time, so that when we do sell via, people respect it, and listen.

STOP it with the ‘marketing style templates’. We’re blaming Mailchimp for this. If it looks like Marketing, smells like marketing, it’s marketing, and people don’t like it. Those fancy-ass designed templates might look nice, but if we’re trying to build relationships, why make it obvious that this is clearly a broadcast message. This is coming from 2 people WHO LOVE PRETTY DESIGN. Keep it simple guys, which leads us onto…

START sending shorter email campaigns. In a world where Messaging apps are killing it, shorter to the point emails are where it’s at. Who loves receiving long emails – NOBODY! Our inboxes are busy enough.

STOP including a million different calls to action. We’re big fans of just having email campaigns being about 1 thing only. Don’t stuff them with content, and links all over the place. Again it looks like marketing and too many options just mean that nobody will click on anything. (You can have multiple links but …) Have 1 Most Wanted Action, make your whole email about it, linking to the same thing multiple times.

START segmenting and following up. Most Email Service Providers allow you to create segments of your list based on links they’ve clicked on. Here’s a simplified example… we use ConvertKit and we have a ‘warm list’ in there of people who have clicked to learn more about ATOMIC. So we now have this sub-audience that we can send more information about ATOMIC to, without having to send a ton of sales messages to our whole list.

You can also use this list to build Facebook Custom Audiences – check out this video here:


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