Email Copy Design and Layout Tips

Email Copy Design and Layout Tips

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Email Copy Design and Layout Tips:
The WIDTH of your emails Email Copy Design you send out to your subscribers is VERY, VERY important.

This drastically effects the effectiveness of your email marketing and email campaigns.

Going to go through FOUR different tips when it comes to creating the best types of emails for your campaigns and explain why you should be doing this.

Tip #1:

Keep your emails between 40 and 60 characters.

Want to keep them fairly narrow because proven fact people stay engaged longer when reading emails that are narrow and spaced out.

This isn’t guess work or theory. This is proven results.
Reason why newspapers break their stories up into columns.
Take a look at any newspaper.

Worse thing you can do is create text that spreads all the way across the page.

Won’t hold attention that long. Of course some people will read it all but when talking about volume when sending to thousands of subscribers, you’ll be losing money.

This is not what we are after, we want to hold peoples attention throughout the email so we can get our message across.
Keep your emails between 40 and 60 characters wide.

Tip #2:

Can use your auto-responder for guidance to help you with this.

Let’s look inside Aweber and GetResponse now to show you how they help you with this.

Just because you have a maximum of 60, doesn’t mean you have to use all 60.

Start going beyond 60 and design/style layout get’s ugly.

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Tip #3:

Use short, snappy paragraphs.

Let’s look at one email again.

-No more than 3-4 lines MAX per paragraph.
-For best results, keep your paragraphs as short as possible.
-Longer paragraphs don’t hold reader’s attention.
-People will lose interest and won’t continue to read.
-Think back and if you opened an email that starts with a massive
paragraph…looks like a lot of work right?

Tip #4:

-Do Not Create LONG paragraphs.
-People want simple and short.
-Don’t make it seem like work to open your email
-Space things out between paragraphs.

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