Dustin Nelson’s Marketing Advice for Young Bands — DIY Touring — Ep. 9

Dustin Nelson’s Marketing Advice for Young Bands — DIY Touring — Ep. 9

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DIY Touring – “Touring On A Shoestring”
Presented by Soundfly, with your host Jeremy Young.
Everything you need to know to book your own tour from scratch.

Welcome to our Touring On A Shoestring course! We’re here to help get you and your band on the road, spreading your music like butter all across this toasty land. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be on your way to booking shows, promoting your music and pushing your merchandise—and if you’ve got expert tips that you would like to share, feel free to post them as comments for the world to see!

The topics covered in this course include:

Booking Shows On The Road, Online Tools & Resources, Drafting & Sending Out Press Releases, Digital & Print Ideas For Promotion
Tour Finances, The Merchandise Table, Staying Healthy, Social Media on the road, and more…

Soundfly Production Team:
Jeremy Young, host & art direction
John Hull, sound, light & video
Mahea Lee, script & video editor
Adam Lerman, digital assets editor
Marty Fowler, original music composer
Jake Chudnow, original music composer
Roland Greco, original music composer
Diego Lund, Zoe Young, Megan Teravainen, Arthur Lewis & Jonathan Hack, helping hands
Ian Temple, captain of the ship

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