Discover The Secrets Of How Mobile Marketing Companies Grow Your Leads & Sales

Discover The Secrets Of How Mobile Marketing Companies Grow Your Leads & Sales

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Discover The Secrets Of How Mobile Marketing Companies Grow Your Leads & Sales

0:23 The truth about your business and your competitor

0:47 Secret weapon of growing companies

1:29 Mobile Revolution

2:10 Things you need to be concerned about your Smartphone website

2:51 Mobile website optimization results

Hi my name is Andrew Edwards I’m a digital media strategist and one of the common questions that keeps business owners up at night is basically how to make potential customers choose their business over their competition.

No matter what’s in your plan right now to beat the competition the truth is your competitors are either very close to or have already built a secret weapon that will literally steal at least 30% of your potential leads. Yes, your business is at risk. That’s not a hollow statement you need to take action before your competitors.

I know you’ve heard that before but this is literally happening every single day can you guess what their secret is? Yes it’s a dedicated mobile website it’s the very best user experience.

Optimising your website for mobile is one of the easiest and proven strategies to make a business your business stand out from what competitors are offering.

Many businesses invest thousands of dollars in creating a website expecting it will increase revenues significantly the common problem is a website not optimised for mobile viewers loses at least 40% of traffic which can be converted to leads.

That’s a huge amount and it’s often just because of insufficient knowledge of online marketing techniques which is the road block in the path of many businesses success.

Because the mobile revolution is here now, Australia is the second largest penetration of smartphones in the whole of the world after Singapore and in 2013 there was 70 billion app downloads against 2011 25 billion.

it’s not a question of is it happening? It absolutely is. What you’ve got to ask yourself is the question do you know what percentage of your desktop visitors are coming from a smartphone right now?

It’s likely to be at least 30% often 40, 50, 60%. Even if it’s only 20% that’s an awful lot of people that you could be losing if they are not getting a good experience, because what do they see?

Have a look at your own website right now on a smartphone do they see overlapping images?
Lots of navigation or links perhaps broken links?
Forms that are too long to fill in?
Did they have to scroll up and down left and right?
Are they likely to leave very quickly because they can’t find what they need in a hurry?

It’s obvious people will leave your website as a result and you could well be referring more visitors to your competitor’s website as a result.

A conservative figure is that you could be losing or gaining 10% more clients that could invested in your business if your website was actually optimised for mobile.

Google has stated in a market research document that there’s a 64% increase in visits and a 50% increase in conversion rate once a business website is optimised for mobile use.

So what does this mean to you?

It simply means your profitable revenue can grow with a small investment in a smartphone website. It has to be the right kind of smartphone website that is customised for the ultimate mobile experience, because if you are a local business your clients are using mobile and they are searching every single day.

You can get more visits, more conversions, more sales, more profits, without literally getting more traffic to your desktop website, assuming you already got a significant amount right now.

So take action call us today for a free consultation.

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