Digital Production BuZZ (12/03/15)

Digital Production BuZZ (12/03/15)

Posted by on / 0 Comments – Welcome to the Digital Production BuZZ, the world’s longest running podcast for creative content producers covering media production, post production, marketing and distribution around the world. On this week’s BuZZ we’re pleased to continue our “Tech Talk” segment with KeyCode Media and “Perspective” with Randi Altman as well as visit with three excellent guests who give us some terrific editing tips, help us capture better production sound, and learn how to solve problems with Cinedeck’s “Insert Edit”. Check it out!

We launch into this week’s BuZZ by welcoming back one of our favorite contributors to the show, Randi Altman for another look at her perspective on the latest industry news. Randi chats with us and gives us her perspective on Adobe’s brand-new releases, also highlights the latest from Assimilate, and more. As always, Randi fills us in on it all, so be sure to check it out today!

For this week’s first interview The BuZZ invites into the production studio Editor & Assistant Editor, Patrick Southern. Patrick specializes in FCP X but also works on Avid and Premiere Pro, and has spent the last year cutting documentaries in Los Angeles for A&E, National Geographic, and the Lifetime Movie Network. In this interview, he shares his techniques on how to become a successful editor.

Next in the line-up, Christina Horgan began her career as a Graphic Designer then transitioned into Sound Editing. Since then, she’s worked on feature films, television and the web. She recently won the award for Best Sound Design at the 2015 FANtastic Horror Film Festival for her work on the Psychological Thriller/Horror Feature, “CUT!”. Christina is a member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors Guild and comes in to share her thoughts on how to capture great sound during production.

For a quick break from interviews, this week’s installment of our “Tech Talk” segment continues The BuZZ’s partnership with KeyCode Media and features an excerpt from one of Larry Jordan’s insightful editing training courses. This brief video tutorial gives us an inside look at Warp Stabilizer and image stabilization when shooting 4K video. Enjoy!

Our final interview has us reflecting on very relatable problem; how many times have you created the “final output” only to discover that a small section of your project needs to be replaced? In the past, we needed to re-output the entire project. Now, Cinedeck has the perfect solution with their new feature, “Insert Edit,” and The BuZZ is very pleased to go to the phones and talk with Cinedeck’s CEO/CTO, Charles Dautremont, who explains how it work and how it can work for you.

Each week (Thursdays, 6PM PST) The BuZZ is here to provide a forum and a facility which allows you to, well, to stay in touch, keep up to date and keep your skills sharp. That’s what The Buzz is all about.

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