Digital Marketing Video Tutorial: Common Mistakes of a Website Redesign

Digital Marketing Video Tutorial: Common Mistakes of a Website Redesign

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It can be a daunting task to think about not only having to redesign your website, but also how to then market that website to ensure that your target market are actually seeing it after all that work! You should be continually improving your website, as it’s your company’s biggest marketing asset and serves as your most important salesperson, working even while you sleep.

How can you ensure your site serves its intended purpose? Once a visitor reaches your site, how can engage them and nurture them through the sales process?

There are a few common mistakes when it comes to redesigning your website. These can be solved with Growth-Driven Design, which focuses on the user and meeting their needs.

1:19 Only Updating Your Site Every Few Years
1:47 Basing Your Design on Trends or What “Looks Good”
2:30 Not Updating Your Content
3:06 Not Having Calls to Action (CTAs)
3:33 Not Optimizing Site Structure & Responsiveness

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