Digital Marketing Tips: What Is An Innovative Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Tips: What Is An Innovative Digital Marketing Strategy

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Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The internationally featured show on marketing innovation. Where we make digital marketing simple, straightforward and fun!

In today’s episode Haroon Rashid (Head of Digital Marketing, Khemeia Consulting) is joined by Ian Sharp (Director of Khemeia Consulting)
to talk about what is an innovative digital marketing strategy.

In this episode, you will discover:
• What is a digital marketing strategy
• How can you make your digital marketing strategy innovative
• Examples of innovative digital marketing strategies

1. Kina Grannis – Social Media Master
Kina Grannis is a YouTube singer-songwriter sensation. With just under 1 million YouTube subscribers, Kina has amassed a huge loyal online following.

Her online success earned her a speaking spot at TedTalks

The whole video is awesome. Haroon references the video between 10:06-11:37 where Kina talks about her music video ‘In Your Arms’. Her most ambitious project to date, this stop-motion video took nearly 2 years to make with a quarter of a million jelly beans.

Kina tells of how she released this video at midnight (PST). When she woke up it had already been played on Good Morning America – and the millions of views came flooding in. This viral hit earned her the chance to play on Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

2. Innovative means contrast
There are so many tools today – social media, online tools, laptops, free software. The possibilities are endless. Budget is no longer a huge factor. Kids are now able to build multi-million pound businesses, build huge social media followings. The kids get it.

The online world is crowded. Therefore it’s not about just creating content anymore. It’s about standing out. And things that are different stand out. You need to have the element of contrast.

3. How To Stand Out With Social Media
Watch John Haydon talk about the idea of contrast in a previous episode of Haroon’s Hangout

4. Examples of innovation digital marketing strategies

GoPro Superman

Will It Blend

Dollar Shave Club

This week’s question comes from Ian from Leeds.

Q: How long should a blog post be?
Ian: It needs to be as long as it needs to be – as long as you are answering the title.

Haroon: The Khemeia content marketing formula we use is your post has to be interesting, relevant and compelling. Also, people don’t read online. They scan. Make sure your post is scannable by including big subheadings, bullet points and large images.

Haroon’s Hangout is presented by the Khemeia Network and Khemeia Consulting – Yorkshire’s innovation agency where we believe that innovation is the key to business growth.

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