Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Business Growth In 2017

Digital Marketing Tips to Drive Business Growth In 2017

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AIS Media CEO Thomas Harpointner co-hosts a digital marketing series on Business Radio X covering SEO strategies and digital marketing tactics.

This month our guest is David Rones, President of PromoMatting. A 24-year veteran of the matting industry, Mr. Rones is primarily responsible for managing the sales and marketing of all matting products to a variety of industries. David’s background in finance, combined with a true talent for solving business problems in creative ways, often breaks new ground and has led the division to record sales in 9 of the last 10 years.

This month we’re covering digital marketing tips for valentine’s day, strategies for web design & SEO, email marketing best practices, social media tips for 2017, and some small business marketing tips

You can find out more about our work, PromoMatting. and Business Radio X at:

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