Digital Marketing Tips: How To Create A Growth Strategy With Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Tips: How To Create A Growth Strategy With Digital Marketing

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Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The internationally featured show on marketing innovation. Where we make digital marketing simple, straightforward and fun!

In today’s episode +Haroon Rashid  (Head of Digital Marketing, Khemeia) is joined by +Ian Sharp (Khemeia Director ) to talk about how to create a growth strategy with digital marketing.

In this episode you will discover:
• Why you need to tell your story 
• Content that’s perfect for 2015
• How to build a scalable content system


1. Why You Need To Tell Your Story!

Listen to Kevin Spacey. (We know what your thinking, Kevin Spacey…really!?)
What does he know about Marketing- more than you think!

Watch the video below and be amazed!

People love stories. People love conflict in stories. People love resolutions in stories.

Finding your story and sticking to it will help you create more engaging content for 2015.

2. Content That’s Perfect for 2015

Make your content “INNOVATIVE” in 2015.

2015 is the year of awesome innovative content. Content that worked 5 years ago won’t work now. Stop doing old, boring content.

Innovative content means humanising your brand. Get personal. Do things differently that contrast from your competitors.

STOP making excuses!

Why can’t you create your own podcast?

Who said video won’t work for your business?

Have you tried it?

Go on. Be brave. Stop hiding behind your excuses.

Stop excusing. Start innovating.

3. How to build a Scalable Content System

Things of value take time and it’s the same in digital marketing.

A strong scalable content system involves collaboration. It’s not just one person’s responsibility, it’s everybody’s responsibility to create content. Team effort!

Go in detail! Our content system and processes took us hours to work out and think through. But by the end of it, everyone knew their role clearly.

Great leaders replicate themselves. Replicate your expertise! Teach others what you know. You are part of a team. It’s important to replicate your skills set to other.

Life happens to all of us. If you go on holiday, get sick etc, does your content stop? Does it stop because you’re the only one who knows how to do it? Or does it continue and keep going because you empowered others in your team?

Haroon’s Hangout presented by the Khemeia Network and Khemeia Consulting – where we believe innovation is the key to business growth.


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