Digital Marketing Secrets REVEALED! Part 1 – Haroon’s Hangout, Ep 26

Digital Marketing Secrets REVEALED! Part 1 – Haroon’s Hangout, Ep 26

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In today’s episode of Haroon’s Hangout, Haroon Rashid talks about the shocking truths behind digital marketing for your business.

Discover the truth behind:
– how to build a HUGE following online
– how to get more website traffic
– how to increase engagement on social media
– how to generate leads online

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Welcome to Haroon’s Hangout! The weekly Google Hangout making digital marketing simple. this Hangout is for businesses who want to grow, generate more leads and sales online. This Hangout will give you digital marketing strategies including social media tips, SEO strategies, internet marketing tips, web design and web development tips and tricks.

Digital Marketing Strategies. Social Media Marketing Strategies. Viral videos. SEO Marketing. We’re all bombarded by these terms. What’s more, is that we are fed crap by so-called social media gurus and digital marketing experts who stand up in a seminar and promise you that it’s so easy to get on page one of Google, get a website that generates thousands of hits a month and that you can make money so easily online.

The truth is that this is all crap. ALL of it.

We’re not saying that it can’t be done. It can. We’ve done it. Just not in the way that they are professing.

The truth is that you need your expectations managing. All of the above can be achieved with hard work and consistency.

What are you willing to do for your business? How much do you value your business? How much are you willing to sacrifice?

You can’t say you want to get on page one of Google and then not do the work that’s needed to get there. Digital Marketing doesn’t work that way.

That is the equivalent of someone saying they want a six pack but aren’t prepared to go to the gym and to eat right. It won’t work.

Things of value take time to achieve. Your marketing is no different

Haroon Rashid is now an internationally featured marketeer (recently featured on CBC Radio in Canada). It took time for Haroon to get there. 4 years to be precise. However Haroon and the guys at Khemeia Consulting do what it takes to achieve the goals they have set out.

HAROON’S HANGOUT – making digital marketing, social media and SEO simple, straight forward and fun!

Haroon’s Hangout: Digital Marketing tips | Social Media tips | SEO tips | Content Marketing tips

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