Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 171

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 171

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0:00 Intro and announcements

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7:00 New client, brand new website, starting from scratch. Wedding venue niche.

Am just finishing onsite : titles, metas, headers, alt tags, content, etc.

Looking ahead to offsite. I know that the following will be part of the mix: Google Drive Stack, Syndication Network and Press Releases.

Is there a specific order you prefer to create these in? And, if so, what’s your preferred order and why?

12:00 New SEO & web design… trying to get started while unemployed. I’ve advertised my writing and basic web design services in freelance places and in groups to other SEO’s and working on cold emails. Someone who’s successful that uses some of your training said I should also just focus on web design as it’s an easier (cheaper) sale as a foot in the door. I haven’t had time to build a business plan because I’ve been scraping and emailing trying to get customers.

20:00 Since I’ve published a few curated posts in this category and syndicated them w/ IFTTT, if I remove those posts could I potentially lose ranking factor for my site’s pages in other categories? And if so, how would you suggest mitigating that?

21:00 On a previous mastermind you mentioned about using amazon S3 HTML page to pass juice our target/money sites where you block the other bots, except for Google Bot. Could you provide a guide or outline on how to achieve this?

26:00 Have a client with 10 brands in one niche, each with its own site.

Client wants to re-organize so we need to move all the old brand sites to a sub folder on a new domain.,, etc..

Would a 301 at the domain level on each of the old sites be enough to keep the organic search traffic flowing and protect the current Google SERPS rankings? Anything else you can recommend or advise me to look out for?

28:00 In a silo structure do you recommend a silo menu in the sidebar or just to use internal linking in the pages up/down the silo?

Do you recommend just one link in the silo page to the next silo page or would a link to the silo head also be advisable?

33:00 Got another client few days ago. They are in home improvement / repair niche.

They provide services in 5 nearby cities and offer 4 service that are related to each other. (e.g. painting, pressure washing – just examples)

What would be the best way to set up their site.
How would I structure it to rank for each service in different cities.

38:00 I’m close to getting meetings from my video emails. The prospects aren’t really cold no more, and they’re already advertising. I asked an SEO close to me (who focuses on a different niche) and he said that with his clients he starts his first three months half off, and the rest are full price.

44:00 1. Can the “UltimateSEO Plugin” completely manage curated content and RSS syndication or do I need to use in conjunction with WP RSS Plugin or SM RSS,?

2. Recommendations (pointing me to a URL or a training module works for me if easier)

– a. The minimum MUST HAVE WP Plugins
– b. Other highly recommended WP Plugins to consider

BTW, AWESOME Job on adding timestamped bookmarks on HDHO!

50:00 I have a site that I am currently getting a syndication network built on. I have about 1-2 months worth of content already published on the blog using your content curration tactics. Is there a way to get these already published posts sent through the syndication network?

52:00 I have 2 local sites. One in the Dental niche the other in the elective surgery niche. Both are ranking top 5 for traffic keywords. How do I get them Rented?

54:00 Is it better to only have one YouTube account per Google account?

56:00 Any thoughts on a Youtube InStream Ad with just music and Kinetic Text Video. I am going to test to get attention for real estate listing home valuations. Ever tried before?

58:00 Looking for tips to help rank blogs locally

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