Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 169 Replay

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 169 Replay

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11:00 Now that YouTube has removed the place where we can localize our videos with longitude and latitude how would you suggest we localize our videos?

15:00 Can you elaborate further on how the custom video lead gen system can be used to acquire ppc clients? I’m trying to acquire clients who are already using AdWords and the biggest challenge has been getting them to open the videos (I’m following the old training Bradley made) with the “question about services in city” format emails. Is there. a better email style to use?

20:00 I’m having a persistent problem with my video emails. For a lot of emails, someone clicks the link, and I phone them a few minutes later and tell them I’m having problems with my email and I make sure they received it.

Then they say that they opened it, but they didn’t have time to watch it. So I wait, but nothing happens! I tried sending a follow-up email the next day, but that doesn’t amount to much usually. How can I keep up the dialogue? Do I just call again the next day?

26:00 Hope you all are doing well, I know you’re busy grinding and I appreciate it; those emails come fast and furious. The SM reputation management strategy where you bump my other subscriptions out my inbox appears to be working :)

1. LeadGadget (what exactly is it?) vs GSite Builder? when to use either and which gets better results (ROI) relative to cost?

2. What is the fastest way to monetize when you have new assets w/limited traffic and how can it be done cost-effectively in conjunction with the initial digital asset break-in/seasoning period?

l am looking for insight beyond the where to start of Battleplan (BTW, Great Stuff ). I need a low $ entry point that provides an expedited one in a row win.

Is it FB Ad, Youtube video, and affiliate offer for example?
What would you do? A brief real-life 3 figure example would go a long way and also finance the six-figure question I’ll present when I reinvest and join the mastermind :)

36:00 Q1: When it comes to internal link building within curated posts, should I stick to only one internal link per post? There are times the content just begs for additional links to other page. Is this causing issues if I have 2-3 internal links?

39:00 Q2: Do you use “near me” keywords in your curated content and link it to money pages? If so, what’s your strategy for making it sound natural?

40:00 What are the best practices for link building with my network and extended products eg. Citations and press release. What is best to build links to and how much / often?

43:00 Is it effective to build quality links directly to GMB for local search rankings? I am currently using citations and press releases.

44:30 Was trying to rank G site for the medium level competitive keyword. The site is 2 months old At first, it got high in rankings (second page). I added around 15 links to the whole silo. Got to the first page. Added few more links to the page I was trying to rank. Then it dropped to the 4th page and later to 6-the page. Has not moved after few weeks. It is possible that it triggered some algorithm (no manual actions in webmasters tools). I was pretty heavy on Anchor text. Any suggestions I would appreciate. Possible course of action. 1.Just wait. 2.Build more links to diversify anchor profile. 3. Change Anchors texts 4.Drop the links 5. Move pages to another location and start over to see what was wrong with it.

50:00 On your site,, you have the course called RVR Pro Case Study Bonus
I’m thinking of buying it …
(1) You still use this software (2) if so still getting good results
(3) You mentioned there is a service you build that when you like a video from a channel, that video gets disbursed to something like 320 sites … could you share this with me?

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