Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 168 Replay

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 168 Replay

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11:00 I created a Google site and also a in Italian with backlinks to my money site.
They both rank in but don’t rank in
I can’t find them, searched to the end of all the results that gave me and didn’t find them.
They are both indexed. If I copy and past some of the text, Google finds them.
But if I search for the main kw, doesn’t show them not even at the last page.

Why can I find them on with my main kw but can’t find them with that same keyword on
The Gsite was created 5 months ago with original content. The a few weeks ago.
Italians search on not on

17:00 Quick question on re-purposing existing IFTTT Networks. If I have a client that stops paying can I re-purpose existing IFTTT sites and use them to point at another site? Is this more successful than starting fresh again? What do you do with IFTTT Networks that you’ve built for ex-clients?

21:00 Hey guys, I’m starting to use video emails, and some emails are read and clicked on very fast. BB says to call as soon as they watch the video, but wouldn’t it be weird to them if I called 15 minutes after sending the email in the first place?

2) In terms of conversion optimization for a local business, is it better to funnel users to the contact page, or have CTAs/contact forms on multiple pages?

31:00 you have mentioned that your favourite method for Press Releases is using customer reviews. My PR attempts at this have not been successful. Can you point me in the direction of who has this training? I know you have mentioned the person’s name on HDHO but I’m obviously spelling it wrong. I’ve attempted to find it online but have not been able to do so.

34:00 If you had to choose between Peter Drew’s Google site generator and a mass page generator for lead generation, which would you choose?

38:00 1. Is there any value to purchasing aged ready-made Flippa Websites with some higher DA /PA content and (alleged traffic:) versus building a brand new site on a new domain? Any advice on what to look for; I realize there is a risk but looking to shrink some of the waiting time.

2. Can you use multiple RYS stacks on different pages of a domain and if so how much would be too much? Any best practice guidelines would be appreciated.

44:00 When creating the JSON-LD schema for each page of a website, the “Description” should be unique for that page? Also the website URL – should that be the main URL such as or should it be for that specific page Simple questions, just looking for guidance on the best approach

54:00 What is the best pratices with ifttt for a site with 2 langues on it (french and english). Should i order from you guys 1 branded ifttt and 1 personnal ifttt or 2 branded?

56:00 If i buy an aged domain with good Domain Authority and Trust Flow then slap it on a google asset like blogger or blogspot or similar, will it have better ranking than just using it on a wordpress self hosted site?

59:00 I am publishing unique content on my blog and it is being syndicated to my ifttt network. I notice 2 days after publishing I get about a 1 page increase in rankings. Nut the next day the rankings drop back to page 4.
Its a local lead gen site and it is about 2 months old. I publish content 3 times a week. Is this normal?

1:00 Has anyone tried using the IFTTT system on an eBay store and would it be about the same as doing it with an eCommerce store?

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