Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 167 Replay

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 167 Replay

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0:00 Intro and Announcements

11:36 Hi BB and team, I am currently using a theme that has this “related post’ feature at the bottom of the page. Sometimes it is pulling posts from other silos. Is this ‘related post’ feature will make the silos less effective since it’s pulling posts from another silo? What is your advice on this?

Also, I am planning to start a new niche site but I am not sure if the new site will take off. Do you think it will be wise to set up the site in an existing hosting and only move it to a new hosting after verifying that the site show potential for growth? The reason I am thinking this is to save some money. What’s your advice?

15:41 On my website I have individual city pages where I try and buy homes. On wordpress.
Can I or should I have an individual blog on each page that is related to that city. Or should I just produce content related to the city and post on home page?

20:09 Bradley, I need to make the argument that its better for a company to have all their products on 1 primary domain with their website like and not have a website like and their products on a sub domain like: with the 2 interlinking. Give me all the good reasons why 1 domain is better

25:50 When providing content services for clients, whose name do you publish under? Do you ask your clients for their preference? Or decide for them? 
Also, what is your process for giving VA’s access to each site?

30:15 Are you still using video email to do outreach and prospect? What kind of results do you typically see? TIA for answering my question and have a great day

37:19 That seo boot camp is comprehensive, I don’t want to learn all of that stuff.  You suggested hiring a VA to learn and implement, how would you find a VA who would want to learn all of that and how would you keep them working for you?

45:40 My question is in two parts. First of all, is link building still effective? How often and in what quantity should we be getting link building for our network and press releases?

51:45 A week or so ago Marco mentioned the indexing service in Serpspace wasn’t working the way it should and that it was being redone. Just checking to see when a “new” indexing service would be available

Secondly, dealing with a multi-location bank (11 locations), if i want to do Maps Powerhouse, can I do a separate one for each location? The url’s for this are like: then bank 2, etc. Is there an issue with these all coming back to the main site even though they would be going to separate pages?

Also, Jeffrey Smith’s stuff is COMPREHENSIVE!! Thanks for all your insight on everything

52:57 Good Day Gents,
Grateful as ALWAYS for you guys. Jeffrey Smith was Impressive, talk about knowledge and value commensurate with SM Pedigree. I picked up the SEO Bootcamp and appreciated the generous discount and bonuses, Thank You. Can’t wait to dig in and report back

1. IFTTT Personas: when buying Double Phone Verified Gmail Accounts, are aged accounts (i.e. 2008-2015) BETTER (i.e. seasoning, video length upload, etc…) OR are brand new accounts recommended?

2. BEST PRACTICE: Do you recommend building personas details yourself (add/provide pics, logos, bio, etc) for IFTTT setups or let VA’s do EVERYTHING when they create /add accounts to IFTTT and then double-check/edit? Do DFY networks/RYS in SERP space come with a checklist confirming key items completed for easy verification or should I expect to create my own manual checklist based on teachings?

3. Are LiveRankSniper and Crowdsearch still working /viable tool strategies 2018? if so can you add your affiliate so you can get credit you so rightfully deserve.

59:16 The SEO Bootcamp looks solid, I’m just starting out, if I was in a position to sign up I would be there it looks awesome training.

I have a Youtube channel for my business brand which is SEO and marketing, I want to set up a channel for local contractors to rank lead gen videos in the home improvement sector. I have started your Youtube training course but not finished it yet

1. Should I use my current Youtube account and ad another channel branded towards contractors and the building trade?

2. Or should I set up a completely new account specifically for the contractor lead gen videos? 

Whats your advice for the best results?

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