Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 166

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 166

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0:00 Intro and announcements

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15:00 How often should I get press releases and what are some good topics?

26:00 Are directory sites viewed by google as good or bad for SEO ?

29:00 I want to index about 1.000.000 Pages a day. (T1, 2, 3)
So I need a very scalable solution… how would you do this?

Using IFTTT + Twitter… if yes, how often can I post a tweet so that my account won’t be shut down.. should I create several accounts and spread my posts on them ?

31:30 What are the different ways to index local citations ?

32:00 When you guys talk about embedding maps, are you talking about myMaps, or the GMB Map Page?

Also can you repost the link for Marco’s charity. I pledged 0 and need to make good on that.
33:00 Can you share any tips for finding local SEO clients? Need a few recurring payments to get the ball rolling…any tips would be appreciated. thanks

36:00 1) I have a hosting account with Inmotion hosting. i just recently realized they might be hosting all of my websites/domains as add on domains under the same c Panel account. What is your recommendation?

37:00 2) I had read an article reecntly about the advantages of Sub-directories for link juice over sub-domains.
The following is the link:

Should we just go ahead and just build out sub domains or can their be any benefits to sub folders?

39:00 have you ever worked with a small company that grew because of your marketing? Like BB’s tree guys. Did you eventually charge more as the company grew or did you keep the rate the same?

47:00 I remember I read somewhere that putting a review/product type rich-snippet data on your home page (instead of an organization/webpage/article type) is not good, cause google will penalize you somehow? I mean a review/product type schema which shows those review stars below your listing on the SERPs (for better CTR). Is this true or just a gossip?

And a short second question please: is there any good up to date adwords course you would recommend? (Perry Marshall Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords?)

51:00 I have a question about blocking spiders…
Do you use any plugins (spyder spanker, etc.) or anything else like that?

Is that a good way to prevent competition from reverse engineering your SEO efforts?

How do you ( if you do ) protect yourselves?

Or are so amazing that no one ” Can’t touch this!!!” (90s flash back…) Lol

55:00 First I want to say “Thank You” for HDHO resource, you are ALL appreciated.

You guys do such a great job of breaking down the more technical stuff which I understand having a tech backgrund, I am a little embarassed at my question but here goes…

QUESTION: Can you explain the basics of how money site integrates when using Syndication and RYS Academy for BOTH Local and Affiliate /ecommerce. What I mean specifically is how you would setup the Money Page(s); if you can explain this a bit beacause honestly the term “Money Site” is used so freely in groups i sometimes feel like the only one not in on the secret. Conceptually I get that you link (anchor text ) to your article or video but can you simplify it a bit more for a newbie?

Example: For local: Create an article and place “link” with offer (Where? and how many? (suggestion), where it links into Syndication and RYS) General is more than enough

Same for affililiate / ecommerce.

58:00 So would you say that it’s true that the IFTTT + SEO strategy that you teach in Semantic Mastery will probably stand the test of time, not fall victim to any Google penalties?

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