Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 160

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 160

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2:00 Intro and announcements

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10:00 I created a YT channel for a dj service launching in Montreal. How can i optimize my channel?

13:00 Drive stacks: creating articles as part of drive stacks. Should content be unique? A website we want to rank, should it point the stack at money site? Should we build a secondary stack to rank by itself?

15:00 I was reverse engineering a few of your links that lead to the G-Site for Virginia. The website has it’s own social syndication ring of various 2.0 properties such as blogger, wordpress.. The site is auto blogging videos? Why?

21:00 Building a good quality, new Gsite to point at my money site and building spun Gsites with silo-linked pages, linking the home page of those back to the “good” Gsite. Would it push more if I linked each page directly to the “good” site or is it the same with the sub-pages all linked back to the spun sites?

26:00 My first PR from Serpspace turned out to have an error I missed. Could my second PR be a correction of the first?

2) I’m curating 2 posts a week for my real estate client: 1 real estate topics, 1 on local news. If I use this model with another realtor in another city, how different would the post have to be? If I had 5, it would start to get hard to have unique content every week. Can I edit them, should I hire more VAs to write unique ones?

31:00 Do the drive stacks have enough power to rank sites? What’s the best method to send power to drive properties?

34:00 Using a call center to answer calls for lead gen sites – and having this setup for a month before trying to sell to a client – what does the call center tell the incoming callers before there’s a contractor to service the leads?

39:00 Local business has a previously used domain with lots of citations, that previous domain is 301 redirected to the legitimate domain in the GMB, the citations need to be cleaned to reflect the legitimate domain?

42:00 Trying to supplement my income by offering SEO services on Upwork. Do you have any general tips about how one might offer freelance SEO services on that platform?

46:00 I own Peter Drew’s Live Rank Sniper and purchased his Google sites builder, Mass Blogger Creator and Hangout Millionaire. Should I use HM to create videos used for random affiliate products and for ecommerce store, should they be used on a dozen secondary YT channels to create videos for backlinks to quality money videos

I plan to use Video Powerhouse for embeds of my quality money videos. How do you suggest best using the HM?

52:00 I spammed my YT video with 400,000 contextual links and welp. My entire channel’s views tanked

I optimized everything else but I was aggressive. Normally I would spam web 2’s but I just HAD TO test it to see if it would work

Don’t underestimate YT’s algorithm

54:00 Trying to login to a Gmail that hasn’t been used since 2013

Back in 2013 we stopped working in a business. We’re bringing it back. Doing a Google search you can see all of the social accounts with content, they’re branded accounts

The Gmail account is what tied them together. If I want to log into an account it wants to send me a verification email, I can’t login to get the email

I’m able to give the correct password and enter the recovery phone number. The problem is we no longer have that phone. Google says they can’t verify

I called to see if they could verify. She kept pushing me to use a different Gmail to create the GMB listing. I don’t want to lose all the branded social accounts. If I had to start over, I’m not sure how that could happen since I’ve already have our business name and website all over those branded accounts. There is no GMB listing, so GMB isn’t being very helpful

Is there a away to contact YouTube or Google+? They will be able to see the branding and the association

56:00 I purchased SEO Bootcamp (HIGHLY RECOMMEND) program and learning A LOT from Jefferey Smith – the SEO ninja
I have some questions before publishing everything

Do you think this URL structure would be over optimization?

URL structure:

should i drop “credit” in /silo/ or in “category”?

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