Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 158 Replay

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 158 Replay

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0:00 Intro and announcements

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8:00 To season syndication networks with content as soon as they are finished being built. Are there any issues with getting the network built and not doing anything with them for a few weeks?

What if we get everything setup and ready and for industry licensing reasons the client has to put all marketing on pause for a couple months?

10:00 I purchased a 10-pack from Peter at Press Synergy and plan on doing a PR blitz to end the year. Is there any information you can share with regards to how much time between releases, links you tend to include, etc?

15:00 Can you provide some insight into the anchor text/keywords that should be used from T2 properties linking to our T1 properties as well as T1 properties linking to our $$ site? Examples would be appreciated also, thanks guys! I am considering purchasing some of the link boosting packages as well as wanting/needing a general understanding of the concepts behind this

19:00 What is your favorite spam method for websites?

21:30 Maps ranking question. According to your SEO Battleplan, you admonish to go small on embeds, and power up links to the ifttt ring on a brand new site. Do you recommend that pace can be more aggressive if the site and GMB is 5+ years old, the market is one of the most competitive, your press release strategy is being used and in one of the major 5 cities in the U.S?

23:00 quick site structure question. I am building out an authority site for affiliate business. I want to add a collection of sub niches and setup silos for them. Question is, should I use sub domains for the silo sub niches or should I just use a category sub folder? i.e. or Thanks in advance for any help

27:00 VPH embeds just finished posting. I read the Battleplan, and it says to build links to the channel. Should I wait before ordering these links? Or are the embeds and links separate from each other?

32:00 2) How have your results been with Mass Blogger and G Site Generator? I bought WP Blog Creator and the 3 programs are pretty similar. Do they start to rank for tougher terms after a while?

3) When you have a first person keyword, do you change it when using it in a blog? Take a keyword like {how do I create my own website}. Would I make that the title of a blog, or make it [how do you make your own website?]

35:00 I am in process of optimizing pages on an existing site that I bought, its getting about 6,000 uniques per month so I have some good data to work with in Search Console.What do you suggest I do to optimize with on-page or off-page SEO? the pages are not well optimized for SEO, they ranked purely on the original content. I don’t want to do anything that hurts existing rankings/traffic. should I take existing search queries to find more related higher competition keywords to rank for and add more related content to the page. inter-linking? what do you suggest?

38:25 Thoughts on GSA and youtube?

39:35 What would happen to a site if we stop posting content?

42:30 How do we go about finding keywords for long tail traffic and then what is the best way to write about it? We’re trying to focus on water heater repair/replacement & trying to generate content specifically designed for long tail traffic it is tough to continue to write fluff about “how much does water heater repair/replacement cost” and “3 tips to finding a good plumber”

47:35 You suggested a content provider for high quality spun articles. Do you still recommend them? If so please provide URL. Please provide alternate resource for high-quality spun articles

50:10 What is the main difference between Mailshaker & Quick Landed up with this Tool is this similar to Cognitive SEO- the tool shown for ranking articles with great content

53:20 i am going through a negative seo attack any advice?

56:25 Any advice on how to use semantic mastery and your other services to rank for a candidate in an upcoming election? Would that be an effective thing to do?

58:20 On the gsites are you building multi-page sites?

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