Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 143

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 143

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6:30 Do you or do you know of anyone that will do website reviews for SEO? I just completed my first client’s website (dentist)

I created a blog in a sub-domain and mirrored the main site in terms of the silo categories

I commissioned SerpSpace to create a T1 network with the blog RRS feed as the source trigger

9:00 When syndicating a blog post, where do I add a link? I’m using a T1 network, so I often use anchor text to link to a top level page. I remember hearing somewhere that it’s best to have the link near the beginning of the post when syndicating. Is this true?

15:00 2) In one of the Advanced Training videos in SA2, BB showed how his gym client’s FB posts were automatically being posted to G+ with NAP included via IFTTT. I’ve tried making the applet the way he said, but I’ve been having trouble making it work so far. Can you show me how your FB to G+ applets are made?

19:00 3) I had a question about SERPS a while ago, and I talked about how I got anxious watching my client’s positions rise and fall constantly. While you guys were discussing it, someone mentioned that he hoped that I wasn’t actually typing in the keyword and checking manually. I use Pro Rank Tracker, but I do sometimes search manually too. Is it bad to do that? Should I limit manual checking?

21:00 i wrote a description in youtube but the link to my website on the first line was not clickable the other links further down in the description were all clickable. Is there something I did wrong or is this what normally happens

22:00 Could the Google sites you showed on Monday be used for lead gen? Could you explain exactly how they would be used to promote a video or website?

26:00 I have a quick question. If I link out from a PBN to my T1 network and use 20 tags, thats get addition 20 links that link out! Is that considered a spammer by Google

32:00 I have created a Google map in my RYS Stack, is this the map I would submit to serp space to get embeds or should I create one in Google my maps and submit that?

If I was embedding a map on my website which one of these should I use, Google my maps or the one created in my RYS stack?

34:00 If I were to rank my homepage for keyword “Puchong Cleaning Service” with Syndication Network

Do you create a few inner post and link it to the home page with the keyword “puchong cleaning” so that when the posts is syndicated it has an anchor text “Puchong Cleaning Service”: in it?

Or I should stripped out the geo location modifier and just use keyword like ‘Cleaning service, best cleaning service, home cleaning service” in my inner post and link it to my homepage?

It is very unnatural to do inner linking to my homepage with these keyword?

37:00 If i was to 301 redirect an existing website (that has a gmb listing in spot 1/2) to a new website in the exact same niche would the gmb listing be effected or removed?

Also the new site would have new phone number – and so would change the phone number on the gmb listing – would that effect the listing much

41:00 having problems with rss to instapaper on a new build ring

sm acad v2 workbook version of rss to instapaper tells me my applet is invalid see errors below yet shows no errors below – the only thing it asks to enter on setup is the feed url which has worked fine on all other applets and the default moz one in place when turn applet on throws same error, i also tried using feeds from my other ifttt properties and they all throw this error

i manually created applet ” if rss new item then instapaper create new item ” and its fields were already filled in including “Title” yet when i click go it says title must not be empty

disconnected instapaper and reconnected and still the same – been like this since thursday 24th july been trying to fathom it for seven days – am i missing something please?
( i like instapaper its one of the only 4-6 properties that show up as backlinks anymore for me in majestic or ahrefs and help me track anchor ratios)

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