Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 133 Replay

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 133 Replay

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We’ve moved HDHOs to the new Webinar Jam platform! You must register to be able to ask questions:

0:00 Intro and announcements

New to Semantic Mastery? Start with these HDHO weekly webinars and the Syndication Academy:

Have questions or need to find something – start here:

7:00 Any way to get a short tutorial (step by step) on how to use Live Rank Sniper? I thought I had to create videos to even use it.

10:00 I am taking all of my urls from my client websites, social media and web 2.0 sites and listing them on a spreadsheet and then I’m having my VA create a google shortener for each url and then I run both sets through the Backlinks Indexer which I buy monthly but I only get a total of 1,400 links. SerpSpace shows for almost the same amount of money, it does 5,000 links. What is the difference in service…Objective answer please!!

19:00 I have a new client who he and his wife both had problems in the past with showing up on Rip Off Report. We are working on citations and soliciting new reviews.

If I can bury Rip Off Report beyond page 2 for his name, I get paid a handsome bonus. He has a (domain #1), his wife is a real estate agent and she owns (Domain #2), he also owns (Domain #3). They also own a prominent real estate development (Domain#4)

1. I was thinking syndicating their respective wp-blogs to personally branded IFTTT networks. Thoughts?

21:00 2. If so, can I order IFTTT networks and use real names/photos instead of personas. Could these be ordered so ips match their regional area??

22:00 3. If I order networks for all four domains/properties, how many tiers do you suggest per property?

4. Can I also syndicated YouTube channels to the same set of Web 2.0 properties?

5. Any other tips/recommendations??

25:00 My established website has an empty Youtube channel as part of its existing branded syndication network. I went through your YT Mastery course and will now be adding a lot of videos and am wondering about the companion website you discussed. Is a companion website needed in my situation or is that only used when the YT is the primary focus and there is no related website already in place? I don’t mind having both if adding a companion YT website is beneficial.

27:00 Is PinVid still a top recommended theme for a companion website?

31:00 I don’t have a persona syndication network built around my YT channel yet. Should I wait to upload any videos until that is completed? Or if I add videos to the channel now can they be added to the network once it is finished?

31:30 I run a number of online websites out of my home, and I’m definitely not interested in ‘foot traffic.’ Are there any good ways to still use Google Maps for SEO, or should we just ignore them outside of Local SEO.

36:00 Can you point me to the webinar that talks about KML? I’ve seen that acronym floated around the FB group numerous times, but have no idea where it’s from. I believe there was a webinar about it in the past, but not sure if it was a free or paid webinar.

(RYS Academy:

44:00 You mentioned selling a network to a video production company. Could you elaborate on how to pitch that? Do you do some video promotion for their clients while remaining invisible to their customers first and later pitch the network to the production company or would you pitch it all up front?

I would like to set it all up so that I would then be able to sell more services to their video end user customers after doing the invisible video ranking but I am a little unclear as to exactly the best way to set up the initial structure of who I am and exactly what I am offering.

52:00 Do you use a proposal when selling syndication networks?

I bought several keyword domains and I’m setting up syndication networks on them but I don’t know the best way to price this project.

55:00 You guys still use/endorse
I watched the webinar about local search – – and this image show sending links from SERP – PBN or PR site – MS.
But how you can be sure that Google will noticed the traffic on link to MS? They can see the clicks on SERP easy, but if the site don’t have Analytics or the links are not shortener (not the best idea in this case) they can’t see it.


If you don’t plan on asking questions, you can always just watch direct on the YT channel:

See you all on the Hangout!

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