Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 132 Replay

Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 132 Replay

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0:00 Intro and announcements

New to Semantic Mastery? Start with these HDHO weekly webinars and the Syndication Academy:

Have questions or need to find something – start here:

4:00 I know Adwords Call Only ads but wasn’t aware that you could do them also inside Google Maps 3-pack. How do we go about to set those up? Not seeing that option from the Adwords dashboard… or am I missing something?

8:00 When working with clients, how do you explain Google Stacks so they can appreciate whats being built?

10:00 The first one is about the Google Drive Document we use to put all of our links. In your Brand page you can copy the links and paste them into the document and it comes with the favicons and looks pretty cool when embeded on a your site or on a G site: Here is a screen shot – – I think it looks much better this way.

The second one is embeding a map in the tumblr header. When you’re putting your dofollow links in the head section of Tumblr you can embed a map, looks pretty big on posts when you do this but it it part of the head and looks like a hero image type of thing, looks good and it’s an extra embed on a powerful site so not sure if it’s worth doing or not but can’t see it harming anything. Keep up the great work…Long Live Semantic Mastery

12:00 What’s up? With your RYS stacks through SS, you ask for a main keyword and then 50 min keywords, how do you use these keywords in regards to the URL we give you?

14:00 Specific strategy or precaution when linking internally on blogs with branded syndication rings?

– the ones syndicated to blogs already have a link back to the post and to the home; (OK)

– the other platforms links back just to the post; (OK)

– if I add any other link (maybe 1-2 internal links on post) they will also generate MORE backlinks from the blog platforms. (PROBLEM?)

Should I use URL shortened links on those other links to avoid generating too much links from those platforms?

Maybe would also get some power from or…

18:30 Follow up about setting up a Google Sites website and how many to have within one account. I assume you can still create multiple Youtube channels and corresponding Google+ page with one Gmail account, it doesn’t look like I can have multiple Google drive accounts with one Gmail and I assume that the sites might be the same way.

20:00 When I’ve created a new persona and G drive with the IFTTT SEO process using a proxy and phone verifying the gmail account do I need to keep that proxy and always log in using it for the associated gmail and gdrive or google sites, is there a more efficient way?

24:00 Follow up on Google Drive files/properties I got it work for an Adwords Call Only campaign with hundreds of Adgroups & keywords. When I called to speak with different “Adwords specialist” they said that it’s not allowed, of course I did it anyway based on what Marco – the Unrepentant Google Spammer advised 😉

I’m testing in a new niche campaign that has more engagement and activity for Call Only ads and will report back how it goes.

25:00 You’ve talked about ranking local contractors, wondering how do you do this with multiple businesses in the same market and niche without it turning into a conflict of interest?

28:00 I have gone through your YT Academy and I want to do my first YouTube Live “event” with a pre-recorded 3 minute video using OBS. Every OBS tutorial I have watched is doing the more complicated actual live streaming. Can you share the steps on how to do this? Never used OBS before or done any YT live.

The tutorials go through settings with bit rates, FPS and resolution. Any tips on the settings to use? Is that important for what I want?

OBS video training:

29:30 what do you think about footer links from pbn’s to money sites. and what do you think about directing them to tier 1 branded ring

31:00 I have a lot of Video Powerhouse credits. Can a video be uploaded to my YT channel as live event, schedule it out a week and then submit the URLs to Video Powerhouse before it goes live?

35:00 When wholesaling your services for ranking videos do you upload them to the end user client’s Youtube channel or a separate channel you set up and control or upload them to your own agency?

42:00 When putting a video in a website page, is it better to embed it or put in link and use sisstrix to get marked up data to put into text editor?

46:00 Is it still valid to wholesale for video production companies? That would seem to spread you over many niches.

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See you all on the Hangout!

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