Digital Marketing Packages 2 Minute Marketing Tips Episode 31

Digital Marketing Packages 2 Minute Marketing Tips Episode 31

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Digital marketing is a hot topic these days. For more information on our digital marketing packages, call 727-754-9585 or email

In an effort to provide the most value to our customers, we’ve bundled our most powerful digital marketing services into 3 distinct packages to help businesses grow rapidly.

The first package includes social media setups, and Google My Business optimization. We also write and post a weekly blog for you on topics related to your business.

The second digital marketing package includes everything in package 1, and adds Google Adwords, Google Display Ads, Youtube ads and retargeting ads. This well-rounded package places your ads on the most popular search engines and websites for increased exposure. This package produces a tremendous ROI for the money.

The third digital marketing package includes everything in the first two packages and adds Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, and Bing Ads. This package is for businesses that want to dominate their market, or grow very rapidly. By combining all of the platforms in this package with the Google platforms in package 2, you will get massive exposure all over the internet.

When you combine the digital marketing packages above with our marketing technology (including market research, message targeting, ongoing incremental improvements and statistical analysis), you have an unstoppable lead generation machine!

Call 727-754-9585 or visit our website at

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